About Us

“FYDER Filament was founded in 2020 by 4 high school juniors in San Antonio, Texas with the belief that technological innovation and environmental consciousness should go hand in hand. We were determined to create a 3D printing filament that was entirely made of a diverted plastic waste stream. We extend the life of bulk bags, the plastic packing sacks discarded by the manufacturing industry, by turning them into spools of filament that can be used to design and develop new innovations.”

Jamie Mayes



Jamie is currently a senior at Alamo Heights High School. She founded FYDER after working for her father at the Magi Foods factory in San Antonio and learning about the extensive efforts to dispose of the plastic bulk sacks used to transport ingredients. Jamie is a member of the Alamo Heights Varsity swim team and is the water polo captain. She volunteers as a Teen Art Guide for the McNay on her free time.

photo by Mark Humphries Photography

Timandra Rowan



Timandra is a senior at Alamo Heights High School. Timandra helped to found the team as Chief Financial Officer. She is a viola player for the Alamo Heights Chamber Orchestra.

photo by Mark Humphries Photography

Ava Gutierrez



Ava is a senior at Alamo Heights High School. Ava joined FYDER in the fall of 2021 and is now working on daily executions to create the finest filament. She is a violinist in the Alamo Heights Chamber orchestra and is a varsity soccer player. She enjoys cooking on her free time and volunteering at CAMP camp.

photo by Mark Humphries Photography

Olivia Humphries



Olivia is currently a senior at Alamo Heights High School. She joined FYDER as the Chief Marketing Officer and now runs the company’s website and social media presence. Olivia is a part of the theatre department at Alamo Heights. She is also the President of Film Club.

photo by Mark Humphries Photography

Want to work with us?

About the Business Incubator program

“INCubatoredu brings real-world entrepreneurship to your high school. Students apply entrepreneur practices and business concepts to projects they care about, and they get comfortable learning from failure. They learn to embrace the cycle of experimentation, which is core to entrepreneurship and a great training ground for life. With this program, students benefit from the collective energy and expertise of a diverse instructional team.  Your teacher is trained to lead this course, and is supported by volunteers in your community (we help with this!).  This translates to deeper, purposeful learning and skill-building. This experience looks and feels like an actual business start-up.” 1


We founded our team through our High School’s program and are competing for a $10,000 grant provided by our community to get our business up and running.

  1. https://www.unchartedlearning.org/student-programs/incubatoredu-high-school-entrepreneurship
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